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About Billy Clifton- Strawn ART

Billy Clifton-Strawn 


I have always struggled with drawing and painting.   My hand is unsteady and unsure in those medium.  Being a creative, frustration at my inability to draw and paint to create visual art has always been present.  It was as if there was a vast reservoir of ideas and images being held back by a formidable dam.  

At the age of 64 THE DAM HAS BE EN BREACHED!   A reservoir of creativity has finally broken through and is flooding out of my mind.  My work is currently prolific, I just can not produce work fast enough to keep up with the flow of ideas for visual images.   

What broke the dam?   Modern tools.  I took to them like a duck to water.   They gave me the ability to produce visual art images using my own original photographs to produce photograph collages and paintings.  I was also able to create digital images from scratch. 

It turns out that my canvas is an iPad.

 A iPhone camera along with photo editing software are my paints and brushes.     

I find inspiration, innovation and encouragement in my works.


2021.   Guggenheim Mist.   Private collection 

2021. Arrival.  Private collection. 

2021. Orange Suns.  Private collection. 

2021. Black and Blue.  Private collection. 

2022.  Hydrangeas on Verdigris.   St Luke’s Episcopal Church Atlanta GA

2022. Orchids on Fire.   Choice 2022.  Atlanta Photography Group.  Curated by Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director and Curator Griffin Museum of Photography,  Winchester, MA

2022. Eiffel Tower High.   Postcards from Here.  Atlanta Photography Group.  Curated by Maria Kelly Assistant Curator of Photography, High Museums of Art, Atlanta,  GA

2022. Green Glasses 2.  Pin Up Show and Sale.  Museum of Contemporary Art Atlanta, GA.   Private collection.  


23 new works

Solo exhibition in the Glenn Gallery

St Luke’s Episcopal Church

435 Peachtree St NE

Atlanta,  Ga.  30308


27 new works 

Solo exhibition at the Art Institute Of Atlanta 

6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE

100 Embassy Row

Atlanta, Ga 30328

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